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Purple Umpkin

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Welcome to Purple Umpkin.

A book for children.. young and old..The Journey to a Purple Planet…

The Best Book for children in Years.

PurpleUmpkin and the Murples are here. PurpleUmpkin is a wonderful classic book for young children. It has been called a great book by early childhood educators. A must read to children. The Murples are the new friends of the Muppets. The Murples are the new friends of Dr. Seuss. It is a must read for young children. It is a must read for people with imagination. Everyone should have this book at home! The book is designed to be read by parents and adults to young children. It is to be read back by children when they are 5 years old. It is a book for all ages to enjoy.

Come make memories of reading for a life time. Smile, giggle, and remember.

PurpleUmpkin and the Murples is a book for children about kindness, tolerance, love and understanding.

Take your imagination for a ride up the rainbow. Have you ever been to a Rain Station? You can own a piece of the Rain Station!

PurpleUmpkin is a little planet next to Pluto. We are all Murples here and we really care. Murples are also the makers of earths Purples. You may know that already though. A book every person and child should experience. Take that trip to meet Please, Thanks you and Ok. Buy a book and take a look. See our site to the celebrities that have something to say about this wonderful book.

A book with 5 Stars Reviews. Look what Apex has said. It is true. Once every 70 years or so something this special comes along. Take that journey with us. Come be a Murple forever. Make some Purple for a while. Make a smile. Ride the Rainbow after you hop into the Rain Drop. Come and stay any day and you and your family never have to go away. You can come any day.