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Murples thank you for coming to visit.

Thanks so much for coming to visit. Soon we will be working with “Champions for Kids.” A great group of people that help children with many
problems they face in a very complex and changing world. I

Five Star Review- Lydia Nolan

Five Star Review *****??? -Lydia Nolan

This book is better read to by an adult to children,? rather than children reading on their own.? It may be a bit over the head of young children, but

Five Star Review Larry Underwood. *****

Five Star Review ***** Larry Underwood Author


This book written by Michael John McCann, is a delightful fantasy which children will enjoy and so will you.


APEX REVIEW ***** Five Star Review


Combining life-affirming themes and vivid, colorful illustrations, PurpleUmpkin is the perfect tale for you