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We feed children in America and spread literacy. The Murples do this.


The Muples are the new Muppet’s. The Murples are the new Dr. Seuss.


“We Can Do This. Help Us Help the kids!”

StarKids post interview with Michael McCann

Meet The New Muppets and Discover How They Are Changing The World

Please read our newest interview to remain updated on our progress.
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Hannah just loves the book!

Dear Michael,

Thank you for the wonderful Purple Umpkin book!!

Warmest love,

Hannah Thanks for Purple umpkin book

Hannah Thanks for Purple Umpkin book

Conner’s Favorite Book!

Thank you so much for the PurpleUmpkin book.
It is, by far, Conner’s favorite book.
It is also my favorite book to read to him.
Jackie & Conner

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Meredith Prunty, Actress aligns with our philosophies!

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Category: Kid Bloggers, Purple Umpkin Book,, Website

Help Children Read. Read With a Child.

“Reading is the gateway to your dreams.Everything you do or dream of doing in life will come through reading.” — Michael John McCann

I would like to discuss different ways to get children to

Feeding Children in America

Hello America. “Read With A Child, Help Feed A Child” We are growing. We are looking for people who want to be a part of feeding children and helping teach the importance of re

Now a new year started. People are so good helping people get food during the holiday’s. Now it is our time to cover the rest of the year. We have much work to do in America. Please give us your ideas

As we grow our program, “Read With A child, And Help Feed A Child.” we look for help. We feed children in America while spreading literacy. It is a hard job getting people to understand that 6 million

Help us help Children. “Read with a Child, and help feed a Child.”

PurpleUmpkin and the Murples are on the move. Things a going forward. We have our new program. “Read with a Child, and help feed a Child.” It is about feeding Children here. It is about feeding childr