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Purple Umpkin Book – Great Book for Everyone

Do you love to read books? There are lots of books sold on national bookstores which will enable you to learn lots of lessons. You can find books which are designed not only for the kids but also for the adults.  Books are one of the most important things that once can ever have. Books are not only described as bunch of paper with written text because it is also called as leaf of knowledge wherein anyone who reads and understands what is written on the book will of course learn something.

One of the trending books this time is the Purple Umpkin Book. If you are thinking that Pluto is the only small planet, well it’s not. Aside from Pluto, Purple Umpkin is also small planet wherein the people living in this planet are called the Murples. Murples are also considered as the makers or creator of the Purples on Earth. The book Purple Umpkin talks about understanding, love, tolerance and kindness. The theme of this book is not only intended for the little ones but for everyone. Everyone will surely love reading this book since it tackles beautiful characteristics that every human should possess.

This book will surely catch the interests of the young ones especially it is designed with beautiful and attractive assortment of colors. This is definitely perfect for early childhood development. And since these young ones are not yet aware on how to pronounce words, parents can read this in front of their kids and sooner or later, when they reach 5 years old or above and they already know how to read, they can read it back. Purple Umpkin book has already grown inspiring all ages. You can read this book at once and you can also ready it per sentence.

This book is truly a good material for education; everyone will surely realize how important love, understanding, kindness and tolerance are. Most of the teachers and parents who have tried to read this in front of their kids have truly love how this book was designed and colored and of course, the message of the book. According to the author or Purple Umpkin, Michael John McCann, reading will serve as your gateway towards the fulfilment of your dreams. Your dreams and everything that you do for your life will come true through reading Purple Umpkin.

Reading this book together with kids is surely a great experience for you. You will be able to share the message of the book not only to your kids but also to other. If you want to have a copy of this book, you can choose from the three versions. The available versions include softcover, EBook and hardcover. Reading Purple Umpkin will enable you and the children to imagine how your life will be if you have reached the Purple Planet. This book will surely enable you to create good memories together with the young ones. If you want to have this book, you can visit the website of the Purple Umpkin and found out how you can help in instilling good thoughts to children.

We feed children in America and spread literacy. The Murples do this.


The Muples are the new Muppet’s. The Murples are the new Dr. Seuss.


“We Can Do This. Help Us Help the kids!”

In support of Read-Feed-Child, Meredith Prunty, Actress, Advocate & Spokesperson speaks out –

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Hannah just loves the book!

Dear Michael,

Thank you for the wonderful Purple Umpkin book!!

Warmest love,

Hannah Thanks for Purple umpkin book

Hannah Thanks for Purple Umpkin book

Conner’s Favorite Book!

Thank you so much for the PurpleUmpkin book.
It is, by far, Conner’s favorite book.
It is also my favorite book to read to him.
Jackie & Conner

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Meredith Prunty, Actress aligns with our philosophies!

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Help Children Read. Read With a Child.

“Reading is the gateway to your dreams.Everything you do or dream of doing in life will come through reading.” — Michael John McCann

I would like to discuss different ways to get children to

Feeding Children in America

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